As a woman who once wrestled with sexual strongholds, I dealt with so much shame and had no idea how to tell anyone what I was wrestling with. I thought I was alone. Since sharing my story and listening to the stories of many other women throughout the years, I now know I was far from alone.

Whether you are a woman struggling with a porn addiction, sexual fantasies, lust towards men or women, masturbation, or any other kind of sexual struggle, there is hope, freedom, and healing available for you.

I created a free guide for you with several tools to help you on your journey to breaking free. These are tools that I have used personally and shared with other women over the years. If this isn’t something you are wrestling with, I can guarantee you know other women who are. I pray this is a blessing to you! Please feel free to share.


Updated November 2022

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  1. DeAndre Jones says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I glad to know that I am not alone. Please pray for me and my fiance as i deal with this stronghold. But I know in Christ that I will be healed. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement!…Most people would never understand this weight and sin…you made the statement about secrets….but this is one sin you can only tell God, you could hurt too many people if you disclose it,,,especially if you’re married…but I’m so sick of it…sick of it consuming my time…coming between me and God….me and my wife…just sick of letting it rule me. It has only caused me hurt, pain and shame. You can’t go to the church…they’ll only further hurt you and utterly destroy you…I know that’s not how it’s suppose to be…but let’s face it…that’s how it is. I know I must go to God…He alone can help me. I’ve dealt with these feelings almost as long as I can remember myself ever since I’ve been 5 or 6, but for some innate reason I also knew it was not acceptable and was wrong…for those people that say we choose to be that way…that tells me they don’t have a clue. Who in their right mind would wish such a difficult ungodly life upon themselves. Pray for me and others who struggle with this .

    1. I’m so glad you were encouraged. You’re right…God is definitely the most important person to talk to about this. If you would ever want to contact someone who you could talk to (or even just look at the website), I would recommend Jayson Graves’ ministry, Healing For the Soul. He is a married man who has also struggled with same-sex attractions. Jeff Fisher’s Porn to Purity also has some similar resources on his website. I will definitely pray for you and your marriage.

  3. Thank you, I feel so much more encouraged, it may be hard & feel impossible at times especially with a stronghold that is birth in us and lives in us for a long time, at times it feels easier just to hang on to the sin than to the right thing and let it go. thank God for conviction, and the pain,disappointment & hurt I had caused Him with my bad decision was so overwhelming it lead me to give up the sin, the pain made me understand that I wanted to put God first and serving Him was the most important thing in my life, more important than what my flesh wanted, we are human & make mistakes, alot of them,but never enough excuse to hurt the Heart of God, Be Blessed 2day2morrow & always.

  4. Thank you very much for this post! I have stuggled with this for so long. I feel so much better now i know GOD has freed me. Amen! Haluluah!

  5. Thank you. for your honesty and. for sharing your freedom over sexual strongholds. I am battling with this problem and want freedom. I will continue to seek fell. Thank

  6. Thank you so much for this post. You have really helped me get through my sins.

  7. Thank you so much for this post. I have been battling this pretty much my whole life. My late older cousin did inappropriate things when I was only 4 or 5 opening the door for homosexuality, lust, and an unforgiving spirit. Not so much unforgiving of him because although he was 8 years older than I, we were still children dealing with our circumstances as they were handed to us. I know this because 4-6 years later after that same cousin was murdered, his father, which was also my uncle in law, he attempted the same measures his son was successful in. So I understood why my late cousin could this to me. My unforgiving battle was with our so called older generation Christian family. 10 aunts and uncles plus my mom that helped create this with demons they never truly allowed God to heal them from in their past and childhood by even allowing such things. Yet they made me the black sheep and would quickly condemn and do nothing beyond tell you they’re praying for you. Since then I have been battling homosexuality, lust, unforgiveness, and acceptance to say the least. I have lived an openly gay lifestyle because I didn’t think I could live any other way. Yet in the back of my mind, sometimes all through it I knew I couldn’t live that way at all. However even with all that I know God is with me by His grace and His grace alone. I have some good days and I have some bad ones. I have some good weeks and I have some bad ones. I just feel stuck sometimes. But this, your post has truly encouraged me. I probably will keep reading it. Lol

    Thank you for sharing. Truly encouraging

    1. Hi Tony. I am so glad this post encouraged you. Keep drawing close to God! He loves you so very much. The intimacy that can be found with Him is truly amazing and irreplaceable.

  8. This was so helpful for me!! I have been struggling with this for sometime now, and I’m glad that I feel I can start fresh in the name of JESUS!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear this, Jasmine. Yes, we can always start fresh and new with Him! 🙂

  9. So helpful especially After being saved and fallen back into the lifestyle and not understanding exactly why but becoming defeating because you know that your better but in reality God is better and able to keep us from falling.

  10. michael torrente says:

    Thank You. A very excellent article coming from a place of Love and Seeking God for help. Very Helpful. -Mike

  11. Hello, I am thankful and have been encouraged by your post. It’s good to know that one is not alone in this. I have pretty much being battling this my whole life but never paid to attention to it which has led issues of sex controlling me and dominating my thoughts. With your post, I now feel can overcome this in the name of Jesus. Hope that you will be praying with me. Thanks

  12. Thank you so much for this post am encouraged Sometimes when we commit a sin we unable to face God cos we feel so guilty of out action.Thank you for reminding me that God is open to listen to me.

  13. Thank you some much for your website. It came at a pivotal time in my walk with the Lord. I ran to Him, rather than from Him. Be encouraged in your ministry with the Lord and may you experience new dimensions of Him you never thought possible. Shalom!

  14. Thanks alot for this post i have been moving well with christ two years back after being born again but in this month almost finishing my third year moving with christ i have backslid batteling with lust for sex but because of this article i have seen a way to fight against it by telling my problem to GOD. Be blessed for your inspiring article

  15. I struggle with masturbastion. I need prayer. EverytinevI believe I’ve been delivered I’ll fall short again.

  16. Thanks so much for this post, am encouraged. Am addicted to pornography, masturbation and it has led me to have sex outside my marriag. Have asked God for forgiveness but I don’t know how to tell my wife about it. Please how do I go about it.

    1. Hi Michael. I am so glad this was encouraging for you. I know of a couple ministries for men that I want to recommend for you regarding how to find healing and also regarding help in disclosing this to your wife. The first one is called Awaken, and the other one is called Jesus is Better.

  17. Hi…i have given my life to Christ for 8 weeks now…but my past of sexual sin is still with me…i stoped watching porn and stoped masterbating but…i cary a sexual lust with me…been watching porn and masterbating for years now im 8 weeks clean…now im just dealing with lust…am a merried man but my sins have broken my marriage and i just want to fix it…i need to get rid of this lust please help

    1. Hi Ricardo. I know of a couple ministries for men that I want to recommend for you regarding healing and accountability. The first one is called Awaken , and the other one is called Jesus is Better.

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