I completely understand. I searched for a deep and intimate connection with someone for years. I finally found it in a place I didn’t think was even possible…

break free from shame

Is shame keeping you from experiencing the fulfillment that comes from being fully known by Jesus? Learn how to break free with my guide.

Hey, I’m Amy.

It’s my passion to help women find freedom, hope, and healing in their lives as they pursue intimacy with Jesus.

I spent many years craving a deep connection with someone while secretly feeling like there had to be something terribly wrong with the way I was wired. I also didn’t know what to do with the immense pain I felt in my heart, so I continually tried to shove it down. 

When I started to build a deeper and more transparent relationship with Jesus, I realized that He wanted all of me–not just a superficial version of me. 

Now I know I can trust Him with every part of my heart. As I’ve continued to pursue Him, He’s healed me in so many ways.

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The good news is, you can draw near to Jesus, right in the middle of:

  • PAIN

Longing for Intimacy exists to help you pursue deeper intimacy with Jesus and to experience hope, healing, freedom, and fulfillment in your relationship with Him.

Want to hear my story?

I felt alone and unfulfilled until I discovered intimacy with Jesus.

Since you’re here, I’d love to share my story with you. I spent many years trying to find fulfillment in people and in ways that left me feeling even more empty. I finally discovered how to truly be fulfilled. It was in the most unexpected way. I hope you find encouragement from my story.