Amy’s Book

Released in March 2018

Book Description

Longing for Intimacy is my journey of struggling with same-sex attraction and how I discovered intimacy with Jesus to satisfy the deep longings of my heart.

As I surrendered my sexuality and heart to Jesus, I broke free from a pornography addiction, lust, and many layers of shame. I share many of the challenges I have experienced, along with the freedom, intimacy with Jesus, and healing for my heart I have gained along the way.

Incorporating excerpts from my journal and reflection questions for the reader, this book serves as a practical tool to encourage, challenge, and give hope to women who are struggling with same-sex attraction and the challenges that can often go along with it.

This book is also a helpful resource for parents, mentors, loved ones, and churches seeking to walk alongside women wrestling with their sexuality in these ways.

Book Reviews

“I finished reading Amy’s book and it was so good. I think I highlighted half of it because it resonated with me so much. At some points I felt like she had been in my head and written down my thoughts and feelings! I’m bummed that I’m done reading it. I didn’t want it to end! (And for me to keep wanting to read is saying something, because I’m not a big reader!) I loved the book so much, and Amy I appreciate you so much for writing it for women like me who need to know that I’m not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Amy’s story is easy to read, yet deeply rich with nuggets of hope, wisdom, and truth! What a beautiful encouragement this is to not only those walking through same-sex attraction, but ALL of us! Our desire for intimacy can only be met through the One who made us and loves us. This book beautifully offers a story that opens a safe-space for honesty…about ALL struggles. It’s like being able to share your heart with a dear friend who can relate and offer compassion. I was so touched to see the way the Lord spoke through Amy’s vulnerability and humility…I trust you will be greatly blessed too. I highly recommend this book for anyone who finds themselves secretly struggling with areas they can’t seem to stop, desires that overtake them and hurts that seem to haunt. The answer is the same.”

“This is the most honest and helpful book you can buy on the topic of same-sex attraction. With complete transparency, Amy gives real actionable advice, hope and clarity on a difficult topic. If you work with youth or young adults, this question is bound to come up, and so few authors give clear talking points and counseling advice that you can actually use in conversations. This book has what you need to give godly counsel with love and understanding. A must read for Christian counselors and leaders! Amy details her journey to intimacy, love, hope, freedom and fulfillment in this must-read book for anyone struggling or counseling someone in this journey. Highly recommend.”

“I was very privileged to read Longing For Intimacy. While I am not one who has struggled in this particular way, I have been one who has been affected by the results of sexual abuse and trauma. The book is a quick easy read, full of love and hope in so many areas of our life. I found as I read through the book, areas of my life being exposed. I realized I am not alone in my thoughts and how I process those things, but there is so much hope and intimacy to be found in those hurts through learning how to develop a personal intimate relationship with Jesus. We don’t have to go through life thinking we are alone or to carry shame for our struggles. We can learn to find healing in freedom in intimacy with Jesus which is the ultimate gift of understanding and love. A great easy book to read, full of hope and encouragement.”

“This book was a blessing to me. Especially since I really relate to Amy. My testimony is weirdly similar to hers and I took so much from this. Even if you have never struggled with these things, learning how to love and understand someone that has is just as important of a tool to use. This book does that. Thank you Amy.”

“This book is written on a personal level and easy to read. It’s not a science book, but gets down to real issues and real answers. I like how Amy points people to the underlying solution – finding our real satisfaction in the Lord. He fulfills our deepest needs. One of the highlights for me are Amy’s prayers to the Lord at the end of each chapter.”

“This book is for everyone not just people with same sex attractions. I found myself thinking back on my life. The same can apply to relationships with men. Having sex before marriage, having sex with men for pleasure, one night stands etc. We all have sexual issues we don’t want to speak of. Amy brought it all home, giving us prayers to be used, questions to guide our thinking and what our final destination is….a life filled with the Holy Spirit!! Thanks for sharing your life with us. God bless you.”

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