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Breaking Free from Shame

Shame can be paralyzing. It affects how we see ourselves, it affects our relationships with others, and it puts a wall up between us and God. This is my video from Facebook Live where I talked about how we can break free from shame.

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Breaking Free from Sexual Strongholds & Healing Sexual Brokenness

This is a message I recently gave about breaking free from sexual strongholds and healing sexual brokenness. Some points I shared: What is sexual brokenness? My story Matthew 6:33 – Seeking Him first (we cannot set ourselves free) Breaking free from shame Breaking sexual soul ties Cultivating intimacy with Jesus Breaking strongholds Prayer for those… Read More Breaking Free from Sexual Strongholds & Healing Sexual Brokenness


What is Freedom?

Many of us are on a search for freedom in different areas of our lives, but what exactly is freedom and what does it look like? Even though “Finding Freedom” is the 10th chapter in my book, I guessed many people would turn to that chapter first (I know I would). It turns out I… Read More What is Freedom?