My Book

Coming in March 2018!

Longing for Intimacy is an open and honest account of the journey of a woman walking through same-sex attraction and finding freedom and healing for her heart along the way. Incorporating excerpts from her journal and reflection questions for the reader, this book serves as a practical tool to encourage, challenge, and give hope to women who are  feeling isolated while struggling with same-sex attraction. Amy’s candid writing is also helpful for pastors, counselors, and family members seeking to walk alongside those who are struggling in this way.

“By sharing her story, embedded in scriptural truth and humble vulnerability, this book gives not only hope, but a path to walk on for any woman seeking freedom from same-sex attraction and the temptations connected to it.” – from the foreword by Ellen Dykas, author/editor of Sexual Sanity for Women: Healing from Sexual and Relational Brokenness

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